Deathrite | GOLDUST Split 7"


L(i)ars 02:52
i ripened, cold-formed my shapes. i accepted insults to contain myself. my emaciated body is bleeding. but i bleed gold. i cut the tention to pass the time. i put my failures and wrongs into songs. and spit and bleed across the lines. existence on display. nothing left to give. sickness predicted . but there is no other way. to stay sane. they'll never understand it. and i can still hear the children's choir. shoveled into the flames of love's wildfire. anger's ivy overgrowned the throne. while i lived i have been a liar. i enjoy the comforts of lonesome. even when i was younger. you see it in my sunken eyes. my head carried sadness and thorns. and the river cries for my soul. we're all sons and daughters. that laugh histerically at wishes. because the angels will remain silent.
Blue Smoke 02:44
open the gates of lovers hell. incinerated. freed from your spell. i wear the mark. of sorceres and witches. my worst failures. became my ghost of the past. condemned. conflagrate. passion was my crime. innocence. a breathing hell. torture. no relief. red hot tongue. stoned heart. beat me to the sound of desire. hideous ways (that i love). thrieved. i'd love to tear them all apart. right before love plays its fucking part. i love you more than i loathe myself. my face has turned blue. from choking on best wishes. with your grip tighten around my fucking heart. no angels will come and gather. to catch my fall. as i inhale the fire. blue smoke. exhale myself. exhale the love.


released April 1, 2012


all rights reserved


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