Destroyer | Borderlines


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released April 2, 2010



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Track Name: D.T.T.D.
darkness falls
swallows my everything, my all
deathtrip through white and black
the cold sun of hope shines no more
i embrace the drained hearts
i am dreaming a life within a life
haunted and stalked the day
dream until tomorrow dies
descend and condemn all in me
in the absence of light
i must have died a thousand times
dream until tomorrow dies
Track Name: White Nights
my faith lies shattered
next to my hopes
in shreds are my palms
the sun doesnt reach me
from my fists a foreign light
eclipse in white nights
my love is childish, so they say
i have waited a lifetime
for the hell to freeze
i despise human life (love)
dust was all that i breathed
in the darkest corner
a few more days
and it will all be over
we're all guilty
for all we say
we do as we please
we're like pigs
we fuck to feel that anything's real
since when. it never really began
lust fills our minds
filthy gaping vents
just sows willing to copulate
Track Name: The Clawed One
and i have got a name
that i will never forget
it has been shouted at me all the time
and i have got arms
not strong enough to catch a fall
i fell down once, i have broken my bones
out of all promises
i could make
i can not promise you this
and i have got a head
there was never a choice
like a gun it is revolving unstoppable
and i have got hands
i cant hold anything dear
they are claws to scrape away the shame
out of all promises
i could make
i can not promise you this
pile up the pyre of my desire
burn me at the stake
and set this
lonesome creature
if i was given the chance to save a life
i would even save yours in time
if i was given the chance
i would save everyones life around me
except for mine
Track Name: To No Avail
slit the throat
that uttered the truth
i knew what i stood to lose
i am here
in the cold
i let love go in red flows
naked and stripped
chipping teeth
to form a smile
it will only be so worthwhile
moonlight slips
through the cracks
i must have been in a coma for weeks
i'm on the floor
a soulless shell
into depressions realm
into bottomless wishing well
i live it out
i bleed it out
for how long has it been
i pin the shards in the veins
i wrench open my hearts cave
to see the character
in its truthfullness
i hear the voices
standing in awe of better days
i see my world from a daze
a cold sting of loneliness
enriches the words you have saved for me
dwell on the closing, you said
for this is the closer
for it is the repetition of former sorrows
you fall in love with things that arent there
and never, you said, ask fortune to get it right
you dont see that you are bleeding and trembling
your hands hold nothing at all,
bound to nothing, each to each
so this is life, more scars than skin?
you want to feel it all?
this is it.
it's all we have.
it hurts.
Track Name: Intentions
a well-known fear, a seduction that embodies me
a vermin, a confession that breeds in me
carved devoted ashamed depraved
elusive possessive confused deranged
i am the failure in every me and you
i'll take the blame for the both of us
so you dont have to
like a shotgun blast to the chest
like a knife stucked in the back of my head
i grab the handle and try to twist the blade
so we can make the best out of this charade
"i love you's" like a brick in my hand
this time you have received
more than you could ever conceive
still not close to anything
tossing and turning
i'm in a sacred state
i am lovesick
Track Name: Awareness
a downfall about to come
failings on every wall
lifes come undone
fallen for every goddamn one
only some verses
to be forgotten soon enough
a new horizon of dusk
the world has to end in pain
no solution, no solace
no speech of soothing
never again
this is what it's like to be left behind
this is how somethings turn out sometimes
when the isolation's constant
bad things happen because they can
when the compassion's absent
i have turned reckless
are you aware?
Track Name: Isolation
my apology, i made this up
and you thought i’d never give up
they will say its hard to read your lips
through isolation and solitude
and if you ever read suicide
then this might have been just
because i misspelled it.
a chasm of grief
right within reach
future's overthrown
hear the echos
of the yeahs and the noes
the spirit, the cult and the youth
i am older than i seem to be
the chanting will soon be over
dust and smoke fill the air
a morning breeze
i fade away
terror unleashed
so here are my dreams
in blood and steel
writhing around demise
butchered in black and fucking white
frailty of the circle
daylight shatters right in my eyes
this life is a gift pressed upon us
six times it has been easy
with open arms, with open veins
a darkness within my blood
i give my heart up.
heres to the ones that gave up
give up
Track Name: Acheron
carry me over
upon the banks
unsure of the things to come
a dance with knifes
unstable and capsized
medicated vision
rejecting human skin
unable to materialize
abolish human needs
love whats left of the human shape
no morality
shattered glass
you can't save me
it's a cut away
bloody and tossed
blessed be thy will
the forgotten child
in search of safety
eyes see inside
into its own world
can’t breathe hope
savor the taste of loss
dark swamps slithering
unseen land
crowned in doubts
riven by grief
manifest in greed
unveil the dreams
baptised in mists
driven by greed
unhide the despair
it is real
praise the death
it is real
i used to be alive
now i am mere version
of what i used to be
i am the heartless one
the opposite side awaits
every single one of them
as does hell
Track Name: Coldness
i offer myself to the darkness
in order to extract the joy from life
take away your innocence
i fall in love with strangers
every once in a while
synthesize the fear
paranoid, i'm blinded
intentions deterred
in tention i stare
another pill
won’t set you free
my lust has the shape of a knife
the evil behind my eyes
Track Name: Control
and i am just not what you are looking for
and i dont know what i am supposed to do
and i am assured it will only make things worse
and i just want a way out of here
i can feel the fear gripping tight
losing focus this time
out of control, can't hide the scars anymore
demented, i'm holding on my breath
until there’s nothing left for me
i fell for fallacies and deceit
i am a beggar for relief
madness hunts me, the path's steep
sleep is for lovers and i have chosen to stay awake
my feet are stucked in the years of lent
the head hangs low, the throat is dry and spent
a person in the mirror, pitch-eyed black
staring back at me,
reminding me of all that i lack
hollowed eyes can't see
Track Name: Passage
daylight has lost its shine
as daylight dies so shall i rise
i have awoken the fury
the creature in me
is strengthening its will
the sun has lost its warmth
as night comes alive
all my life, a simple wish
no longer a servant
days turn into nights
forsaken speech of the tormented
i’m falling away from me
a leap of faith is just a fall from grace
a transition has opened to escape
weakness forevermore
where will it end?
eroded moral
i'm disgusting and dirty just like sex
rise, i have been risen indeed
let this be the act of penance
reason has lost it's appeal
to slaughter in your name
to sin in your name
i sink into perversion at my wit’s end
only the rule of lash will deliver the laughter
suffering is all i have to offer
the cold touch of a world i created in my chest
and your pain is the entrance
i am creating something they will never forget
pain, lust, greed, deceit, envy, sex, love
pour the misery down on me
admire the newest creation of sin
the mad laughter inside my heart is my only deception
dreams unfold with precious patience
deluded lament of torture
we cannot escape our fate
like lambs to the slaughter
the hand is not shaking
as i open the door to a new existence
wolves of the skies gather around
ravens form in chaos
i have to grin by instinct
my teeth have been grinded into fangs
Track Name: Aenima
i walked a way paved by my own damnation
cursed were the ones that never rise
from the depths of devotion
when it crossed my path
we made a crimson pact
underneath the stars in nightmares
i fed with my own blood
a beast between two worlds
i was sick of the waiting for my own death
a spark that enlightened their world like
the shining in my eyes is gone
my kin belongs nowhere except in hell
the blood drips from my mouth
like a promise of seven lives taken
with the foot on the throat of my own enmity
i finally inhale the breath of life
but it leaves me unsatisfied
on the wings of ravens it comes
the shadows are brought forth
in my visions i saw so many heavens
and each single one burned in war