Juggernaut | GOLDUST Split 7"


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released August 30, 2011



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Track Name: Chimes & Rhymes
read my mind. in freeform. obscurity's serene sense. chasm claws are rhyming pairs. this ain't a golden phase. the past is letting go. like a funeral pace.
Track Name: Worldgaeze
happiness is one thing. sadness is a tight corsett. the world's gaeze. is another sad silhouette. the blue of the sky (what a sight). the gold of the autumn sun (the final days). the loves went by. like falling leaves. one by one. i'd love to drown. my sorrow. in a sea of sympathy. i could need a potion. to get rid of feelings. if you could split my head you would. see all of my decisions halfway torn. so i shoot my condolences. to all of my loves spurned. the weight of thoughts. in all of my apologies. for what they are worth. dawn and fog was all i ever had. could you sing in that manner again. like those time we were high in grey skies. the moon hovers above this town. a pale messenger of desaster. a song roars through the night. like a wounded animal's cry. a beauty that has slipped inside. this time i want everything. i loved this world for a split second. well now don't you never fucking mind. trading water for wine. "what's forbidden can't be mine".