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released March 19, 2009



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Track Name: M / Aevum
Don't look back in anger when all you feel is hate.
I fucking surrender
where is my serenity.
Arms outstrechted for help
but scars start to show.
Have you ever held a hand that's dying before.
A dreadful desire not to be friend, son or brother.
A faith risen from the gutter.
Your kind knows nothing about loving one another.
The blantant lie called love.
Is wasted on the loveless.
My heart is a bleeding wound.
Mirthless searching for the lifeless.
This is eternal.
Track Name: Thorn II
Can you feel the pain.
It's now all that's real.
Saw your true face
but I can't deal with it.
You were such a beauty
now covered in shit.
I am half-awake but I need sleep.
No beauty can touch a scar so deep.
The thorn buried so deep inside.
You will find no love greater than mine.
Path of lovers
darkness prevails once again.
My patience is wearing thin.
Hope is a blade at the vessel of my dreams.
I have swallowed pride and danced on glass.
A paradise now lost, was it ever enough.
The revelation became blood and flesh.
"I only come face to face with myself".
You promised this was everything.
And nothing.
And nothing.
And nothing.
Can bring it back.
Guilt it cuts the shit of out me.
Track Name: Caedes
Behind the walls of neglection.
They might not take notice
of what you have done.
But time has come
to slash the wrists to their stranglehold.
Look straight in the eye
of bloody vengeance stone-cold.
They were lured into temptation.
You have been traced now you will pay the cost.
The streets will be overflowed in blood
because they fell prey to the carnal lust.
Pray to your new god.
I will give them new hope.
In cold blood.
Track Name: Rome
I bit off the tongues that offered advices.
I drank my own blood and shed it beyond death. Devoted my existence to pain and fire.
My birth was the burst of flame.
Born on a soil of gasoline.
Setting fire to all that makes the person I am.
Can't break the spell this is my curse.
All I have to give is the last warmth to this place.
My soul will roam.
Track Name: Crisis
We have survived.
The terror of our very being.
When we have nothing to fear but ourselves.
If I should start to explain.
I wouldn't even know where to begin.
Unholy thoughts of redemption.
I have been punished in my own hell
but I found my pleasure in this.
Nobody ever gave me such things.
Void of compassion
no matter what I do.
I am at enmity with myself.
I found my delight in this.
The joy of living just faded to black.
This world is a hole, den of sin.
Sinking deeper, turning myself in.
I found my comfort in this.
The last chapter is always written in blood.
Breathing new life into this shell.
But death leaks out of every wound.
Caught up between salvation and dismay.
Trying to avoid any refusal.
Accepting the fact of the oncoming event.
The confluence of all the senses.
Focused on a force of repulsion.
the undeniable truth will endure.
To suffer no longer from a life not my own.
The day is coming that the dawn will never surface. the day is coming that the night will last.
Longer than ever before.