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released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Entrails
Entrails. -
Track Name: Parasitic Dysfunction
Parasitic Dysfunction. close your eyes. take a deep breath. i wrest you close. an overdose of ache. i'll try to keep you warm. we already died inside. shivering from the same old cold. come on. moan the blues of the pure. stand by me. i want you closer. trembling like fear-infested mold. a plague spreaded. when i told you my innermost. caught up in the rapture of love. now we run with the speed of god. entwined anguish of despair. and i fell in love with. flesh, shame, piss and sloth. down on my scraped knees. all that i say. stand by me. i want to breathe, love, feel and fuck.
Track Name: Ruine
Ruine. no way of knowing. fed grief with force. dwindling. from the highest peak. loneliness awaits. desolation. a primal state of mind.. i've surfeited on gloom. imminent return of the night. forgive me i can't die. eternal holy carnage.. this cave is my frigid home. i'm a depraved creature that lives alone. venesect me. let the blood flow. promise of prey, time takes its toll. this heart followed the howl of heart wolves. sipped from the milk of some mother's breast. oh i'm drunk from carelessness. all hail to the bloodchild. a self-fish god always wanting more. bloodred skies fill the inner void. mortal glare. reign when angers fire ignites. an abyss is lingering while. wrecked shadows collide. you feel low. you feel the lowest depths. i can see you from there. that's where you will find me. a former life, so inciting. my so-called living. is slowly dividing. into birth and tomb. it's so divine. rage is inciting. so inspiring like laying. and crying in my mothers womb..
Track Name: L(i)ars
L(i)ars. i ripened, cold-formed my shapes. i accepted insults to contain myself. my emaciated body is bleeding. but i bleed gold. i cut the tention to pass the time. i put my failures and wrongs into songs. and spit and bleed across the lines. existence on display. nothing left to give. sickness predicted . but there is no other way. to stay sane. they'll never understand it. and i can still hear the children's choir. shoveled into the flames of love's wildfire. anger's ivy overgrowned the throne. while i lived i have been a liar. i enjoy the comforts of lonesome. even when i was younger. you see it in my sunken eyes. my head carried sadness and thorns. and the river cries for my soul. we're all sons and daughters. that laugh histerically at wishes. because the angels will remain silent.
Track Name: Chimes & Rhymes
Chimes & Rhymes. read my mind. in freeform. obscurity's serene sense. chasm claws are rhyming pairs. this ain't a golden phase. the past is letting go. like a funeral pace.
Track Name: Blue Smoke
Blue Smoke. open the gates of lovers hell. incinerated. freed from your spell. i wear the mark. of sorceres and witches. my worst failures. became my ghost of the past. condemned. conflagrate. passion was my crime. innocence. a breathing hell. torture. no relief. red hot tongue. stoned heart. beat me to the sound of desire. hideous ways (that i love). thrieved. i'd love to tear them all apart. right before love plays its fucking part. i love you more than i loathe myself. my face has turned blue. from choking on best wishes. with your grip tighten around my fucking heart. no angels will come and gather. to catch my fall. as i inhale the fire. blue smoke. exhale myself. exhale the love.
Track Name: Worldgaeze
Worldgaeze. happiness is one thing. sadness is a tight corsett. the world's gaeze. is another sad silhouette. the blue of the sky (what a sight). the gold of the autumn sun (the final days). the loves went by. like falling leaves. one by one. i'd love to drown. my sorrow. in a sea of sympathy. i could need a potion. to get rid of feelings. if you could split my head you would. see all of my decisions halfway torn. so i shoot my condolences. to all of my loves spurned. the weight of thoughts. in all of my apologies. for what they are worth. dawn and fog was all i ever had. could you sing in that manner again. like those time we were high in grey skies. the moon hovers above this town. a pale messenger of desaster. a song roars through the night. like a wounded animal's cry. a beauty that has slipped inside. this time i want everything. i loved this world for a split second. well now don't you never fucking mind. trading water for wine. "what's forbidden can't be mine".
Track Name: Gray Haze | Twilight Years
Gray Haze | Twilight Years. a hand that dies. an oath that binds. i'm bound to your life. rays of light. hope shoveled aside. well, fuck it, i let it slide. serene obscurity. the end of the road. my heart buried in three towns. the blood is scattered for miles. the body is battered. i'm creeping diseased towards. a world that's waiting . beyond this world. hear. the flute in the distance. carries me away. with the rhythm of love. see. there is a light in the distance. that burns out. a century of endless defeat. i have to admit. those years drained the best out of me. it's never what it seems. when the sun sets. for the eldest of us. when the sun sets. for the wisest of us. for the foolish among us. when the sinking sunstreams. burn scarred skin. when the sun sets. and exposes us to the darkness. we are all alone. we are the darkness. and then the darkness is gone..