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this parasite feasts on the dark inside. it wraps around my soul. a hole in my heart. crawls deeper. consumes every thought. a long sigh. to feel this emptiness never again. i open my eyes to see the essential light. what does this mean to you? you will see my eyes. in every waking hour. before you drink yourself to sleep. you scream verbose about losing love. the words fall lifeless from my lips. i open my mouth. only love can win. i bare my teeth. only love can win. i lick my lips. only love can win.
Atonement 01:50
when i see the black sun. i see no escape. deliriousness grabs my wrists. forces me towards unseen catastrophe. it breaks my bones. it rapes my soul. it destroys all the good in me. and leaves its mark. in the side of palms. the sky opens. a black veil lifts and stars wail down on us. a dance in shadows. heads hang in sorrow. waltz underneath the noose. catacomb entity. you belong to me. the rains washed away my sin. but the stench remains. into the woods we must go. by the lawn a lake awaits. a swarm of flies guides us to the place. where we can be human again. strip off our clothes. and bathe and cleanse. through the trees runs new light. the moon promises new life. strange wilderness.
T.D.B.D. 04:06
the dream burns down. i need to be alight. was it only a dream. skyhigh. i long for death. peaceful and sad. a passion committed in blood. foul faith. the circle is done. calloused hands. devoid of shame. nearly drowned in blood. a new existence. abysmal distress. ecstatic abscission. false mouth of love. leave them behind. and i see you burn. in an embrace of depression. i whisper into your ear. my fingers in your hair. kiss the serpent. and cut deep. we will be everything. we are the heirs of foul love. we are all that we need.
what have we become. bring me to the brink of despair. pale palms can't hold near. what the heart demands. vile scars open again. behind the darkened door. lie fields of lush love. violence in lust. a vow torn apart. one can live without hope. but still burn on the inside. we are dead to the world. my love. it's a cold wasteland of lost souls. drink my death. for life is unbearable. set fire to the places where demons dream. a pyre in the belly in the realm of spectres and ghosts. i can hear the blood in your voice. the hatred for them burns out my eyes. bury me in your arms tonight. the immortal kiss. an endless night. cut my wrists. savor flesh and blood. death is all we demand. death to all.
Begreift 04:04
lasset die dämme brechen. flut aus schlamm und blut. begräbt mich unter sich. ich bin zeuge der verwüstung. der einstieg in das wagnis aus eingestürztem grund. die brust hebt sich unter schwerem atem bedächtig. kein gedanke entfleucht. nägel bohren sich gen herz. reissend, klar, und stetig. ich fühl. den schmerz. den verlust. den wahn. den sinn. den wunsch. beiß mir in die augen. ich kann es nicht mehr sehen. töte das wesentliche. gefangen in pein. befreie mich. stunden, die nur mir gehören. und jahre die endlos werden. lasset die dämme brechen. flut aus scham und wut. begreife mich. begrabe mich. in dir.
Vile Velvet 07:14
take me with you into the dark. let me tear your soul apart. dance into the blackest night. we are sentenced and born in blood. fornlorn and lost in a life so foul. that death follows us. gaze into the abyss. that lingers in all of us. let death be our mistress that rests. next to us on our deathbed. no thaw but an winter of self abuse. release the dead and dream in red. adore moonlight. sink your teeth in. taste the death. the flesh and the sin. drink the wound and swallow the life. between two worlds. bury the earth. reign of night. the howling of the wind. cathedral in shades. spit out the memory of heaven. be in love with ancient hurt. vile velvet. pain and pleasure. frozen drought. take the coldest of breaths. you were dead long before. my shadow reached out for you. prey on those that have no tears left in their eyes. pale glace that reflects the emptiness that grew from the inside. and then you came. and with you the night. and there is still an eternity to spend.
by the lack of empathy new light escapes. reluctantly i give myself to thee. succumb to disease as the breath becomes shallow. hang my heart down from the gallows. for everyone to see. for as long as we have eachother. the love will never fade. exposition of dissected flesh. hang my regrets next to my head. an existence miserable. in 65 nights i shall return. the flesh is delightful. the sin is so tasteable. i left home with blood on the floor. but it always cried for more. in a world without white. i gave myself to the darkness. for i was loveless. loveless.
hell is all around. burns brighter then a thousand suns. spirits of the night gather. the war for blood has just begun. we're giving the world a god. that it truely deserves. the world is our fertile garden. of barren fruits. feral shadow. beyond the farthest sea. a crimson sky spreads. as far as the eye can see. the sound of the dark. as we walk the path of lonesome. the field where i died drenched in red. all things come to an end. wash your face in the moonlight. i am jonesing for your pale flesh. restless i got my on eye on you. passion and lust unchained in torment. sometimes you dont want know the end. tell me when will the heart mend. when wrath sprouts in the darkest depths. we are the dagger to our dismay. we are ony waiting for our death. we were never here. when our footprints fade. as the dust settles on our graves. as the snow settles on our graves. when the winter lasts eternally. and the pleasure is forever. when will it end. where will it end.
Decadence 06:14
inverse lovesongs resonating. in the tone of a degenerated voice. below rotten roots. worms are trampled upon. as we proceed for now. the war for blood truely has begun. a night terror unseen. tonguefucked hearts lie. cold and dead. chaos echoes in the wind. silence is a virtue. emotion is a cage. let's leave their decadence. drag you and me far away from here. no birds will sing your name. ravens cry for my solace. one can truely destroy oneself. but who can truely disappear.
Tamara 04:06
the luck of the devoted. someday you will scrape the crust. from all that we had. the meaning from of my words will surface. drawn by the scent of beautification. i crawl in the golden mud. hidden mutilation of us underneath. kiss the chance goodbye. kick out the dim grey lights. meaningless disintegration. a place to mourn forevermore. things used to be oh so different. but what difference does it make? when all that i witness. is sickening me. lay by my side. let's share wine and grief. adore violence beneath strong psychotic belief. got tired of hail and praise. heaven cast away the hell. the blood flows down my throat. when all the lights go out. all there is a profound darkness. you say you want to share my dreams. but can you endure the nightmares. evil presence abide my side. uprising empire of failing footsteps. stairs downward where hopes were high. beds on fire lie frozen still. the wound that is the heart of hearts. drains. darkest blood darker than night. bleeds. the voice that is the hate of hate. sings. darkest thoughts deeper than might. savouring saving disgrace. let hope and love fade. the unloved grace. this is a double grave.
Dark Blood 02:58
awaken. in a forgotten tomb. a coffin. cough up blood and light. a hidden grave in the heart of the woods. deceptive red horizon blazed. a captive in a neverending maze. when you leave, i am lost forever. curtains of the night. the candles are burning low. the intimate sin. your blood shrouds my wretched soul. my sacrifice to you. a tribute to blood. red diamond.
Ethereal 03:30
behold the gracious times. hide in the shadows of the living. hold on to the crimson promise. the thirst is consuming. love is dead. and it's all we have to loose. when you sleep. blood is life. and it's all we have to loose. when you sleep. come lay down with me and die. sleep and dream while life passes by. behold the eternity we spent. age of innocence unforgiven. a beautiful corpse in the arms of sleep. blow the heart to heaven. everything i once longed for. now covered with snow and moss. winter's solace, the frost is my witness. i still smell your scent. you got your hand on my heart. i can not believe this is your grave. aenima. do you remember what once was said. by the rope you will find peace. by the knife you will receive relief.


Per Koro Records (Ger), State Of Mind Recordings (US) and Life and Death Records (Ger).
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released September 30, 2013


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